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Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm currently experiencing problems with my net... i can't get to any webpage through my browsers at all. but i can connect to places like msn though. so now i'm trying to blog using this hello thing but i dunno whether it'll work. so i'm just blogging here in case it works.

dara lost in [[fairytale]]-land

8:16 PM

Friday, July 08, 2005

I miss my old blog, that's why i'm here to post a totally meaningless entry again. i miss my picture of the sweet little pink girl. i miss the snow. i miss everything. it's being reduced to being called an 'old blog' now.

I love my old blog. maybe i'll come visit it once in a while. or even post some irrelevant entries. or even tag. so if you ever happen to stumble in here, you are in an old blog. all the fun & chatterings are happening at now. sorry i can't seem to link this now. spammers. *rolls eyes

dara lost in [[fairytale]]-land

12:34 AM

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Yay happy birthday to JIAN~~~!!! 19 now!! so OLD!!! (i say that to everyone who turns 19 this year). you are not yi duo hua already hahaha (cos shi ba de gu niang yi duo hua). but it's ok. who cares about being a hua. Wish you happiness always! even though without me by your side anymore that'll be more difficult. but then you can make it one lah. hahaha...

dara lost in [[fairytale]]-land

12:22 AM

Friday, July 01, 2005

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We've often heard of the term 'office politics'. to me, it's really politics as in a fight for power. but i dunno whether what we're experiencing right now can be termed as so. it's more like 'juvenile office bitching'. spiced up my working life though haha... i dunno what to do without all these super bitchy happenings. call me shallow call me childish. i'm having fun.

The story revolves around a headset. and this little girl who adored the headset so much as she depended on it for her daily nap at work. Nono not me.

For starters, we are all telemarketers. there weren't enough headsets to go around for every one of us. thus most people would have to call using the traditional handset. which looks damn uncool. (you know those chunky office phones). the headset actually makes you feel professional. like those pretty young ladies you see on tv where they go "hi may i help you?".

Anyway the good thing about headsets is that you can just put them on and slack and make people think that you are actually making calls. i think that's the main point.

So that's exactly what little girl was doing. she comes to work everyday, puts on her headset and sleep. i always wonder how she got away with it. erm like kinda obvious when you sleep right? hmmm...

Apparently some other telemarketers weren't very happy with her. as little girl came late one fine day, her neighbour took the headset and gave to another guy. little girl came. little girl saw what's missing. little girl made a little scene, and then took out another headset from her drawer. :s

THEY SAY it's her 'stand-by headset'.

Ok that's already pretty amusing. but wait. there's more.

Little girl was really pissed by the headset thief you see, so she wrote a note like this: "there is someone sitting at this seat. please do not remove anything from here, especially the HEADSET. anybody who takes the headset would be cursed and sweared forever. if you take things without permission you are STEALING." and put on her table before she left.

This is so funny that nobody noticed the grammatical error. the few of us who stayed back a bit later discovered the note and couldn't stop laughing.

One of us, this indian girl, she is very cheeky. she then proceeded to add on little girl's note: "sorry. this is company's property. thanks." and again took away the headset and gave to another uncool person without one.

This morning came, so did little girl. she kinda made a big scene as there were no more stand-by headsets. steamed, she asked around if anyone took her headset. she took her note and complained to the project leader: "someone took my headset! you know who is it? she even wrote something on my note! do you recognize the handwriting? can you find out who is it? i remember the serial numbers of my 2 missing headsets! is **** and ****"

I think the project leader almost fainted. does this remind you of primary school??? (teacher teacher!!) she replied: " er ya i think can! can lah can find out the handwriting. ya."

Ahem. this is so DUH.

However at a point of time i saw her happily holding another headset while going back to her seat. wonder where she got it from... hmmms...

The bunch of us were gossiping about her in the pantry during break, creating a hell lotta noise. young adults, the bulk of us age ranging from 18-23, having great fun over such things. quite childish. haha! but how could i not laugh over such an incident.

But laughing aside, i felt quite sorry for her. almost all of us temp telemarketers knew about her, and laughing at her. although in the first place she was at fault, but quite sad to know that people are giggling and gossiping behind your back eh.

Worse still, she's very friendly towards indian girl, THE ONE behind everything. she smiles and stops by to talk to her all the time. she doesn't even acknowledge the rest of us sitting near indian girl. ironic eh? these kinda things make me feel suspicious of the people around me all the time.

I guess it's not that we want to be hypocrites. i'd still try to maintain good ties with a person i dislike. why complicate your own life. xiao.

Therefore i shall just take it that everyone likes me if you don't voice out your criticisms in my face. yeah.

Ohoh and there are more idiotic stories at work. more on that next time. i feel so long-winded. BAH.

dara lost in [[fairytale]]-land

11:31 PM

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm so proud of brandon chen junhao! hahaha... make sure you pass ah! i believe you will. then you can surpass my shinkai and be my favourite pilot you know. oh and please bring a koala back! the real one.

I'm allowed to apply for hostel again. seems like bra is not the only fickle person around.

Talking about bra... i have no right to judge you, but just hope that you will be happy & steady with the decision that you've made! hmmms... and don't do things to discredit yourself again. =p

I'm having a stomachache now. since morning. i feel like i'm gonna puke out my guts. crap.

Ay... i realised that as school is starting, close friends would be drifting further away from me. because ntu snatched them away. so did pilot school. etc. we might not be able to meet in months. or even years. i feel so lonesome now. oi.

dara lost in [[fairytale]]-land

1:42 AM

Monday, June 27, 2005

Hmms.. bra won't be reading this post till a week has passed but i shall say something to him here anyway, although i dunno what exactly to say right now but... i shall just say something.

Since you asked me if i had read your post, i reckon you wanted me to read and derieve something from it? i have read it, and i wanna say that... no lah i'm sure your friends won't feel that you are daoing them or anything like that. can't expect you to talk to us every minute right. so no need to be sorry wat. =D

Next, i can't really tell you:" hope you feel better soon." cos after so long you still didn't feel better. i also dunno what to do to feel better. maybe eat chocolates. or maybe, you should seek a closure to things. either go all the way to pursue it or forget everything about it. easier said than done. so as you can see, i have no solution to your problem either... i can only be there to reply to your smses when you feel sociable again. =P

You can't stop those scenes from replaying. to me they just got fuzzier, until they are almost void of feelings. almost. that's why i said THEY should leave me alone because i don't need. THEY= reminders that i had been hurt. regardless of whether THEY are in the form of care or concern or pure evil intentions. i've decided that i don't want any & i'm trying to stay out. (a different story whether i'm successful).

Opps i seem to have digressed.

Anyway, if i didn't remember wrongly, you had told me to take things in my stride before. so if you have already decided to give up, why can't you do the same yourself? but if you hadn't, what are you waiting for?

I don't believe in fate because if for everything that happens you blame it on fate, then what is fate?

I probably have no idea what i'm talking about. all of the above might not apply to your situation any bit. cos i do not have a good idea what has been going through your mind, you fickle boy. but then... ya... i will always reply your smses lah stop saying that people always dao you. but since you said you need time to be alone, you are alone now. =)

But do give me a warning before you decide to be sociable again.


Frienster. i haven't been visiting friendster for a good long time. i have lost the sense of purpose for friendster. heard that there's a another version called *ican'trememberwhat'sthename-ster, where you only add your enemies. gosh. who has so many enemies to add. plus the other party might not even know he is an enemy until you added him, vice versa. and this will in turn lead to the creation of many more enemies.

* name is really not ican'trememberwhat'sthename-ster. because the writer seriously cannot remember what's the name. thus.

Anyway, i've also seen people declaring their hatred for each other/bitching about each other on their frienster profiles. it is for the world to know that they are hating each other/currently engaged in an high profile argument. which is cool because at least you know who's hating you & you get to strike back. i want also don't have ok.

Me too i bitch about certain people at certain times, on my blog, when i don't feel good about what they are doing. but i honestly do not have a single person that i hate.

The one who hated me probably sees me as a vicious woman, deterring her from making herself known to me in fear of a strike back. i'm seriously a revengeful person. since young whenever my mum made me angry i would think of something naughty to do for revenge. right now i'm thinking of going clubbing every night.

See? so better not let me catch you. OR ELSE. *hiakhiaks...

dara lost in [[fairytale]]-land

12:16 AM

Friday, June 24, 2005


I haven't been blogging for quite a long time.

There are just times when you absolutely have no idea what to blog about.

Not necessarily because nothing's happening.

Ok maybe a week might not seem that long.

Alright let's see what has been happening to me this week.

1) Went for OCS social night with david. saw joel & jacqueline & lihui & kenneth & a primary school friend whom i haven't seen for about 6 years & loads more people. joel got high on 2 mugs of beer and was highly disappointed that we couldn't get into a club.

2) Met blue's clue & her sweet half & bra for lunch. blue's clue is so sweet. bra & i tried to pretend to be non-existant... to no avail.

3) Bra bought street fighter & the xbox home. can play. yay. ya street fighter is like... so 90's. but that's the only game which you can play with that hand held controller, which i like.

4) I've learnt quite a lot from my corporate telemarketing job. firstly, it's terribly important to be a polite person. everyone loves a polite person. be unpolite & don't expect to be treated nicely. at least by me.

next: if i set up a company next time i'll make sure i hire a receptionist/phonecall answerer with a sweet voice like lin zhi lin. makes my day to hear such a sweet & polite voice. never hire an auntie. never hire a crude auntie. never hire a crude auntie who does not understand nor speak good english. it's bad for business.

next: from now onwards i shall remain open-minded and receptive to new ideas in my life. because the initial reactions i get from lousy phonecall answers, after introducing myself, are often hostile. "what do you want!" or "what are you selling!" (notice the ! instead of ?) or "nono we don't need." or "we're are not interested", which i would proudly proceed to say that i'm not selling anything. of which they would hang their heads in shame and bow to my requests.

just kidding. but the point is, so what if i'm selling something? how do you know that you don't need it? what if it's a miracle product that can improve your life forever? what if it's something you deperately need that can save your life? i know what's their problem. they think if a product needs to be so hard-sold means it's no good right?! hehe... i used to think that way to.

5) I'm in the process of making a personalized blogskin for chaneunigegrace. haha... i scared not nice then she don't like leh how??? stressed.

6) Watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith with jian. wooo both mr & his mrs are so damn hot. the story's kinda stupid & ridiculous, but no i shall not kill myself with loopholes now. it's just a comedy with eye candy. i still prefer aniston though haha... my rachel. damn.

7) I'm now officially disallowed to stay at the nus hostel. my parents think thet whole hostel concept is to produce more babies. and also filled with people like the phone call maniac.

8) Slacking more & more during work.

9) Going for toilet breaks every hour.

10) Kill me. i can't think of a 10th interesting thing that i did over the week.

dara lost in [[fairytale]]-land

11:23 PM

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